“Jane is a dynamic and knowledgeable person. Her energy and drive are keys to successful client relationships.

As she works with clients, she looks at their needs and also why the need exists.

This approach results in finding solutions with high impact.

I enjoyed working with Jane on our past engagements and hope to have opportunities to work with her again.”

Profile Image
Mark Burrows
Management Analyst at Customs and Border Protection

“Jane does a tremendous job at building relationships with customers. When she first introduced me to a client, I felt we already had a warm history together.

New and veteran consultants alike can take comfort in Jane’s experience with the industry. Under her professional guidance, I’ve never felt I’m on my own.”

Profile Image
Dan Jameson
Program Controls Manager - Delivery Lead at Stantec

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jane to build out curriculums for several project management and business analyst roles.

What impressed me the most about Jane’s style was her credentialing of our U.S. team needs and how to work with our training department to obtain any addtional inputs for content.

Her focus has always been to measure and tailor the support for the best benefits to the individual project manager or business analyst seeking to improve skills, output, and career paths.

I always look forward to Jane’s upbeat, “can do” attitude and communcations.”

Profile Image
Mark Hatten
Program/Project Manager, Global Solutioning & Sales Support at HPE Enterprise Services (Retired)

“I worked with Jane when she was a Resource Specialist at the Evanston Group. Jane helped me secure a one-year contract as a Solution Lead at CNA Financial where I worked as a Consultant. Jane worked well with the client and was instrumental in securing the position.”

Profile Image
Kay M. Fleischer
Strategic Transformation Consutant at Aon Corporation (Retired)

“Jane helped us augment our staff by brining us candidates that matched our specialized IT needs in a timely manner.

She spent time understanding the specific requirements and used our interactions with her and the consultants she represented, very effectively. We greatly benefited from the staff she placed with us.”

Profile Image
Savio Lobo
Senior Vice President at Ensono

“Jane Prugh’s screening process is the best of its kind. She pores through the detailed requirements of the client, as well as each candidate’s credentials and “softer” attributes. Her high standards ensure she only shows the best matches.

This thoroughness shows its beautiful head in Jane’s success statistics. Her candidates have a high “success in job” score, as measured by client satisfaction and longevity in the position.

In an industry known more for high turnover due to change and innovation, Jane’s success speaks to the enduring value of research and planning in the search for human capital.”

Profile Image
Patti Guerzo
Business Consultant at Florida SBDC

“Jane is a detailed orientated person who has the ability to focus in on important task. She works well with all and is always prepared.”

Profile Image
Jerard Butts
Individual ContributorIndividual Contributor at The United Center

“I was impressed with Jane’s professional approach right from the beginning. She asked excellent questions and made sure she understood the answers to enable her to better understand my character and competency.

We then discussed the position in detail and how my experience matched the specific requirements.

She followed through on all that she said she would do and made sure that she kept me informed during the process.

It was evident as I worked with Jane that she was not only committed to present the best candidates possible for the position to her clients, but she was also committed to make sure she presented her candidates in the best possible way. It is a partnership where she employs a win-win approach.

I would highly recommend Jane to anyone who is seeking a position in the IT industry.”

Profile Image
Ray Veilleux
Vice President Sales and Service at MH Technologies

“Jane helped me find a position that matched my skills and desires.

She took the time to understand who I am, and then found the right opportunities to pursue. This effort to understand and find a good match is uncommon in staffing specialists!”

Profile Image
Bill Van Emburg
Principal at Van Emburg Marketing

“Jane has tons and tons of industry “know how” and one of the best recruiters , i have worked with. She is well connected and highly professional.

I would recommend Jane to anyone, looking for senior technical roles in major corporations in chicago land.”

Profile Image
Sankar Ramakrishnan
Strategic Advisor Director - CxO Advisory [Data,Integration & Analytics] at Salesforce

“I was very impressed with the 1st call – an exploration call about a position she had with a client seeking a specific skill set.

She continued to put in the time and effort to ensure I was a fit before presenting me to the client. She worked with me to ensure I was comfortable with the information being presented.

She listened and promptly followed up on questions and concerns that I had about the position. Her professional and personable approach is so refreshing given the current job market.”

Profile Image
Deborah Beatty
Senior Business Analyst/Project Manager at Boldyn Networks

“Jane is a joy to work with. Prior to submitting me to a position with one of her clients, she thoroughly vetted me, not just my resume items, but also to speak with me and get a feel for how I might fit in with her client.

During the interview process, Jane kept in contact, provided clarification about what her client wanted, and gave me excellent tips for the interviews. Jane understands that communications are key in matching candidates with employers, and unlike most recruiters, doesn’t ignore candidates once the interviews have started.

I hope to be able to work with Jane again in the future.”

Profile Image
David Reinhardt
Enterprise Architect at BCD Travel USA LLC

“A couple months back I was looking for a new challenge and a new company. There was just such a company out there, looking for my specific skills as well, I just hadn’t found them yet.

In stepped Jane, who knew said company was looking and made it her business to then find me. When she did, she did a fantastic job of prepping both myself and the hiring manager with all the pertinent information to make the fit a successful one.

Jane was extremely personable, diligent in her efforts, and genuine to the bone. I worked with numerous recruiters in the months leading up but none were as thorough as Jane and the results speak for themselves.

I’m quite happy in my new role and have Jane to thank for it.

I highly recommend Jane.”

Profile Image
Chris Borden
Digital Analytics Manager, Periodicals Publishing at American Medical Association

“Jane is an outstanding strategic resourcing and professional development professional. She Delivers!”

Profile Image
Dr. Michael L Crawley
Executive Board Member at Exsel_io

“Jane was a real pleasure to work with – she provided excellent advice during the interview process and was exceptionally accessible, even though she was travelling through some of the process.
Thanks so much Jane!”

Profile Image
Katie Hunt
Senior Manager, Foundation Finance & Operations at Oakton Community College Educational Foundation

“Jane was a pleasure to work with. She provided me the detailed information I needed to best assess whether and how I would be a good fit for the position.

It helped me make the best impression I could. I’d be delighted to work with her again.”

Profile Image
Jay Walusek
Assistant Vice President, Agile Coach/Lead Delivery Process Manager at Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago

“Jane is an absolute professional. I worked with her on a placement and she was terrific.

I would use Jane for any executive or high level search and would also use her again for my own placement.

She really knows how to do it the right way!”

Profile Image
Chris Horsman
Consultant at Blue Orbit Consulting LLC

“Jane is professional and thorough in her candidate preparation steps she spends the time to get to know the candidate and whether the candidate and the position will be a fit.”

Profile Image
Robin Russ
Chief of Staff to Head of Optimization and Automation at Tyson Foods (Retired)

“Jane takes the time to fully understand the skills and strengths of a candidate and how they fit into a position.

She is focused in selecting the right candidates, preparing them for interviews and challenging them to be the best version of themselves. This greatly benefits the interviewer because she only provides them with extremely qualified candidates.

She is thorough and very professional and the best recruiter I’ve worked with. It would be a pleasure to work with her again.”

Profile Image
Chris Arestopoulos
Manager, Academic Systems | Operations Manager | Project Manager at The University of Chicago

“Jane is great at what she does; in my recent assignment with her I experienced her passion, integrity, willingness to facilitate all possible resources for success.

In my opinion she is one of the best I ever worked with in recruiting. She actually have knowledge of IT and she tries best to facilitate both her clients and her candidates (she consider them asset). I wish her best of luck in everything she pursue.”

Profile Image
Mohammad Amjad
Sr. Data & AI - Hybrid Data Management Technical Specialist at IBM

“If you are ever looking for someone who is open, knows where the top IT executive talent resides in the Chicago area, I would strongly recommend your organization reach out to Jane.

Jane is a very thoughtful, honest and straight forward recruiter and she spends countless hours, building the trust and transparency into place to foster the best relationships, between all of the best and brightest people.”

Profile Image
Daniel Deco
Head of Enterprise Solutions Group at DivIHN Integration Inc

“I have had the pleasure of working with Jane with her role as recruiter, colleague, and connector. Thanks to Jane, I was introduced to her network of invaluable contacts.

Jane’s energy and unrelenting pursuit of what she is seeking separate her from any other recruiters of whom I have dealt. Equally, she understands the cost of time wasted—which is essential in the business world.

Without hesitation, I will always recommend Jane for any organization looking for a top-notch recruiting professional.”

Profile Image
Shane Molinari
Charitable Nonprofit: COO (Volunteer) at TechHope Transitions

“Jane is a Servant Leader. She knows how to prepare an individual for the ‘big leagues’ without tension and sweat.

She is a huge inspiration to the i.c.stars network and in the little time that I’ve known her, she’s been a positive impact to uplift the entrepreneur spirits within us all!”

Profile Image
Dianne Nicole Poindexter
Sales Development Representative at Rewards Network

“Jane is an excellent business woman who knows her field of expertise and exceeds all expectations of quality and commitment to deliver for her clients.
Jane is highly connected and dynamic in leveraging a broad approach to considering all options and finding the best solution for her clients. In addition, Jane is a professional of the highest quality and integrity who can be fully trusted in business transactions.
I highly recommend Jane for technology-related recruiting and search activities for organizations interested in finding the best candidates and establishing a relationship with a top tier service provider.”

Profile Image
Jackie O’Connor
Senior Management Consultant at Independent Consultant

“In my working relationship with Jane, she has shown a high degree of professional acuman and self assurance which are very valuable in her line of work as a Relationship Manager.”

Profile Image
Al Fakhrzad
Executive Enterprise Architect, Sr. Certified IT Architect at IBM

Jane is fantastic at building trust with her candidates. She builds and maintains a line of communication that keeps you as the candidate fully informed of the process. This builds a level of rapport between you and her that really enhances the whole experience. I have worked with many recruiters in the past, however my experience with Jane exceeds all of them.
I would highly recommend using Jane as either a candidate or an employer. She uses a selective process to identify qualified candidates. As a candidate, she takes the time to listen to your career goals and matches you with the opportunities that provide them.

Profile Image
Bill Becker
Service Delivery Architect at Meridian IT Inc.

I have worked with many recruiters over the years but very few that have exhibited the professionalism and exceptional service that Jane has provided. Jane provides an exceptional level of attention and detail to both the client and potential hire. Working with Jane on a retained search, I was blown away by the amount of information and product she provided. The detail on the process, background information on the firm, etc. was of the highest quality and contained such an exceptional level of information I am still amazed. Jane is by far the best talent recruiter I have had the pleasure of working with.

Profile Image
Mark Las
Vice President of IT Operations at Green Thumb Industries (GTI)

I really enjoyed working with Jane during my job search. She is extremely knowledgeable and organized, and does a great job facilitating communication between job seekers and potential employers. I was amazed by the way she compiled information and used that to prepare me for various interviews. I would highly recommend Jane and would certainly work with her again as both a job seeker and as a potential employer.

Profile Image
David Forst
Senior Manager, Software Engineering at AMH

Jane was a pleasure to work with finding my next role. She was honest and always communicated well. I am very happy with the role in which I was placed. She did a great job understanding the role and my background to make the match work. Without Jane I would not have found the opportunity. Thanks Jane!

Profile Image
Patrick Guinane
Technical Product Manager at McDonald's

Jane is one of the best recruiters I had worked with.

She was very thorough and went to a great extent to explain the company and interview process.
She gave me a presentation about the company, it’s history, it’s culture, position, etc, very thorough and left no stone unturned.

She kept me informed throughout the interview process and was always ready to answer any of my questions.
I would be happy to work with her again!!

Profile Image
Karthik Siva
Sr. Software Engineering Manager at Optum

I would work with Jane again in a heartbeat! She took the time to get to know me and my experience, which ultimately resulted in a position that was a very good fit. She also took a lot of time to prep me for interviewing- it was obvious spends time with her clients to understand what they are looking for. So many times with recruiters you feel like they are just checking a box but Jane made the experience feel personal. Thanks Jane!

Profile Image
Kurt Paradis
Senior Product Manager at CDW

Jane is the model professional recruiter! I am impressed with how hard she worked ensuring that I was the right candidate for her client. She fully understood the specific role and just as important, the culture of the client in order to facilitate the right fit. The materials she provided including the position description as well as a deep dive into the profile of the hiring company were thorough. I had a clear understanding of the client’s expectations which led to vibrant discussions during the interviewing process. She fostered an environment where I felt very comfortable in asking questions either of her or the client and she made sure all were addressed. I hope to work with Jane again – next time as the client with hiring needs!

Profile Image
Lisa Rosenblate
Business Development - RFP Specialist at MagMutual

Jane Prugh is just an amazing person who listens to both the employer (customer) she is working with and the potential employee (candidate). As a candidate, I felt very engaged and well prepared to go through the interview process. Jane also kept me informed about any questions or concerns her customer may have had.

I highly recommend Jane to anyone looking to fill open roles and to professionals looking for an advocate for their professional skill set. Jane is a dedicated professional with a passion for pairing people with the right skills together.

Profile Image
Robert Szymusiak
Sr. Desktop Engineer at Loyola University Chicago

Jane is the best recruiter I have ever worked with. She gave a detailed overview of the company and what to expect with the interview process start to finish. I was very impressed with how Jane initially presented the company overview and how much detail it had.

Jane spent a lot of time with me to make sure not only I was a good fit for the company, but the company was a good fit for me. She is extremely knowledgeable on the company, values, benefits, roles, and more.

The communication with Jane doesn’t get any better. 🙂 She helped me prepare for interviews, had a touch point with me after each interview, and always got back quickly with any questions I had. I truly enjoyed talking and working with Jane. No other recruiter can compre to Jane.

Profile Image
Meghan Keener
Product Owner at Vitality Group Inc

It was an extraordinary experience working with Jane. She really took the time to get to know me and find out if I am a good fit for the role. Jane shared a lot of information about the company, its culture and the people who will be interviewing me, which was extremely helpful. Jane continued to be there every step of the way, guiding and checking in with me. I highly recommend Jane !

Profile Image
Beena Givati
Program Manager at Littelfuse

Jane is a top recruiter who has genuinely taken the time to understand the client’s needs. She focuses on not only the hard skills but also the softer skills and cultural fit. I can always turn to Jane and her team to help me find that hard-to-find unique talent. She focuses on getting to know her candidates inside and out, so by the time she presents her candidate to me, I know the person has been vetted thoroughly. It’s a pleasure working with Jane.

Profile Image
Austin Rim
Senior IT & Business Transformation Leader at Littelfuse

“Introduced me to the RIGHT people”​

“It is my pleasure to recommend Jane Prugh. She is a very aggressive consultant with a keen eye for business.

She is able to accurately assess skill sets appropriate for the position and qualify candidates accordingly.

Being very well connected in the industry, Jane was able to introduce me to the right people and did not waste my time with unqualified opportunities.

It’s refreshing to find someone who is so tenacious at representing my professional goals.”, Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Profile Image
Hillary Williamson
Senior Program / Project Manager at ABM Industries


“Jane is one of the most focused and dedicated recruiters that I have seen. She is hands down one of the best recruiters in the industry.

She not only excelled at finding top-tier positions quickly, she was also adept at building strong client relationships.

Furthermore, Jane always went out of her way to share her knowledge and resources openly. I would highly recommend working with her.” Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity.

Profile Image
Ajai Paul
Cyber Security Leader (Enterprise Security) at Affirm

​”She gets ANSWERS”​
“Jane is a special recruiter – Especially during these trouble times of finding projects due to economy of today. It is hard to find a Resource Specialist like Jane. She provides updates on the positions on a regular basis, always an update by Friday so you are not wondering status over weekends.

She gets answers from clients and does not just sit and wait. She always puts you and her best presence forward. Love working with her.”

Mark Schwedel, President, MBMS Systems Group Inc, Candidate​.

Profile Image
Mark Schwedel
Program Manager Automation and Innovation for Corrosion Department US (3) States MA,NY, RI, at National Grid

“a lot of EXTRA EFFORT”​

“I had the pleasure of working with Jane this year while searching for an IT position. Jane is exceptional and different from other account managers/technical recruiters because she spent a lot of time preparing me for the interview.

She provided detailed notes about the client including experience that I should highlight, the client’s personality traits and corporate culture, why other candidates failed to get the job, etc. In addition, she coached me by walking me through several mock interviews.

Also, instead of asking me to reformat my resume to gear it towards the client’s needs, Jane did it. She put in a lot of extra effort. She is a full service account manager and I would highly recommend her.”

Profile Image
Tracey Brooks
VP - Sr. Project Manager, PMP at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

“Delivered QUALITY results”​

“Jane was a pleasure to work with. She took the time to make sure she understood our needs, she provided good feedback and recommendations and delivered quality results.

As a result, we’ve used her services several times and think of her first when we have resource needs.”

Profile Image
Vic Voss
PM Practice Manager at CDI Corp

“EXTRAORDINARY work ethic”​

“Jane is a great resource and sincere professional. She’s a pleasure to work with and provides timely follow-up with attention to detail.

Her work ethic and personality are both extraordinary. I’d recommend her to anyone looking for key executive talent.”

Profile Image
Randy Dill
Small Business Owner at Dillwood Custom Creations

“One of the BEST out there”​

“Truly, I have never had a better interview with a recruiter, and no one has “dug in” as thoroughly as you did on the questions and follow ups.

You are definitely one of the best out there, and I have worked with my share, trust me.

I hope that we can work again in the future, you definitely have earned your credibility with me.” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.

Profile Image
Chris Bailey
Senior Manager at KPMG

“TOP of her field”​

“Over the years I have dealt with many recruiters and recruiting agencies as both a job seeker and as an employer searching for qualified candidates.

In my opinion, Jane is at the top of her field. She does a thorough job evaluating perspective employees while maintaining a great relationship and trust with the job seeker.

I sincerely recommend Jane and Corporate Strategic Resourcing for any recruiting needs.” Top qualities: Personable, On Time, High Integrity.

Profile Image
Kenneth Fluharty
Sr. Managing Consultant at Business Software Associates

“TOP performing”
“Jane was a top performing sales person working at Cap Gemini America. She was determined, exceeded her sales quota, and fearless in pursuing new business. I would work with Jane again, any time!”

Profile Image
Tom Klimuc
Vice President, Cap Gemini America, managed Jane at Cap Gemini America​ (Retired)