Jane spent a lot of time preparing me for the interview. She provided detailed notes about the client including experience that I should highlight, the client's personality traits and corporate culture, and why other candidates failed to get the job. I would highly recommend her.

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Talent. Opportunity.

Corporate Strategic Resourcing offers you access to a variety of leading IT job opportunities:

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Increased Flexibility

So what's the allure of consulting?

Some of the reasons we've heard from our consultants include:

  • Opportunity to work with leading-edge technologies in dynamic client environments
  • Premium compensation
  • Power to control their career
  • Increased mobility and flexibility
  • More challenging projects
  • Lack of office politics


A longer look. A better fit.

Looking for a better way to evaluate the employer and the position?

Our Contract-to-Hire services are designed to offer you a more targeted way to evaluate your career move:

  • Evaluate employers on a contract basis before making a full-time employee decision
  • Ensure your skill set is a match with the project needs and your career development plan
  • Ensure you are a cultural fit with the organization and current team

Full-Time Placement

Recruit. Retain. Relax.

Searching for the perfect "fit"?

Our Full-Time Placement services are designed to handle the difficult and time-consuming parts of your job search:

  • Offer more targeted searches
  • Minimize the amount of time you are in transition
  • Provide direct and discreet job opportunities so you can target specific companies
  • Benefit from a deep referral network throughout the IT community

Our Process

  1. Identify Your Interests/Skills - our recruiters will take the time to understand your goals and skills to help ensure we uncover a position that matches your interests and expertise.
  2. Put Your Best Foot Forward - we will help market your skills and experience and capitalize on your next career move.
  3. Prepare for your INTERVIEW - before scheduling an interview, we provide you with a detailed overview of the employer, the position and the job description so you are fully prepared. We then work through anticipated interview questions together, aligning your expertise and capabilities with the job requirements.
  4. Negotiate your Rate/Salary - your recruiter will work on your behalf to help negotiate a salary or rate that fully compensates you for your abilities and experience.

Take the Next Step

You want more than just a job. You want the RIGHT fit. If you are happy, our client will be happy. If you win, we win, it's that simple.

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