Recruit. Retain. Relax.

Whether looking to expand your staff, begin a new project, or replace a key employee, we provide a targeted and reliable way to source leading IT talent through Contract, Contract-to-Hire, or Full-Time Placement. We will quickly respond with highly qualified talent.

We can further qualify candidates by conducting a DiSC® Personality Behavioral Assessment as well as a Background Check to ensure a proper, long-term fit.

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Productivity. Flexibility.

Do your staffing needs change from day-to-day, week-to-week,
or project to project?

Our Contract/Consulting services, at an hourly/daily rate, are designed to give you access to highly skilled IT professionals to solve specific staff challenges and fluctuating needs without incurring human resource costs or payroll or benefit expenses.


A longer look. A better fit.

Are you looking for a better way to evaluate talent?

There are times when you need to hire a full-time employee. We can simply fill the position for you, or you can have the best of both scenarios, by previewing a prospective individual as a contract employee before deciding to hire.

Our contract-to-hire services are designed to offer you a more targeted way to evaluate talent.

Full-Time Placement

Recruit. Retain. Relax.

Are you searching for the perfect complement to your full-time staff?

We focus on understanding your business, your culture, and your needs, and then on meeting those requirements with extraordinary people who have the technical expertise, and leadership skills, and work ethic to help ensure your success.

Our Full-Time Placement services allow you to focus on your true priorities while we handle the difficult and time-consuming parts of recruiting.

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How much is that
open position costing you?

There are numerous costs associated with an unfilled position in any company. Many of these costs are difficult to quantify, but nonetheless are very real, and can be very costly.

These costs can be significant: anywhere from $7,000 dollars per day to $50,000 per day for an engineering position while some key leadership positions may cost as much as a $1,000,000 per week.

Couple these amounts with the fact that the length of many vacancies often exceeds 100 days, and you are talking about a serious financial impact…
$7,000 X 100 days = $700,000

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